SkilledWOrkerPro Online Privacy Declaration

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SSkilledWOrkerPro is a promising web-based enlisting organization which is, by all methods focused on protecting your security. In this arrangement devoted to defending your protection alongside the Cookie Policy we underline on what data we are probably going to gather, offer, utilize, and safeguard about you; and in the meantime, we might want you to be educated about the rights and choices that can be benefited by you. If you discover any interest or inquiries with respect to this approach, you are asked for to get in touch with us reaching data given beneath.
We partake and truly conform to the EU-U.S. Protection Shield Framework and also the Swiss-U.S. Protection Shield Framework as proposed by the USDC (US Department of Commerce) determining the accumulation, maintenance, and utilization of individual points of interest exchanged from nations that are individuals from the EEA (European Economic Area) and Switzerland to the U.S.A. separately.


Utilizing our sole systems of particular working firms, SkilledWOrkerPro accomplices with overall associations to get the ability maintenance and fascination significantly streamlined, while in the meantime to give people who have noteworthy chances to come to find out about their expert destinations and get superbly familiar with individual achievement. We have the connection with customers with a perspective of helping them obtain their systems of ability and business desire, and we do collaborate with potential candidates in regards to their profession targets. By methods for making utilization of our industry abilities, we've fulfilled building up a total suite of ability arrangements from ability accomplishment administration to the offerings established in modestly outsourced workforce administration.


  • Staffing and recruiting efforts in technical, industrial, and professional spheres through SkilledWOrkerPro.
  • Staffing and recruiting efforts in handling risk and compliance, business and corporate changes, operations, management, and finance consultancy positions.
  • Legislative search, recruiting workforce services from the viewpoint of lawyers and legal professionals.
  • Services based on executive search across a whole organization, including C-suite, board of collectors, Senior VPs and executives, with directors through SkilledWOrkerPro partners
  • It forms an online job board with treasures for disadvantaged job seekers and potential employers who are searching for hiring in the U.S.
  • It has comprehensive IT staffing solutions to offer; has expert IT talent management, and contributes to project-based IT outsourcing services.
  • Provides a well-tested alternative to sales outsourcing, delivers customized selling solutions for B2B and retail consumers using an appropriate market source.
  • Stable and permanent workforce solutions, integrated talent solutions, and competency advisory services.


This policy will apply to our exhibition, utilization, and collection of your personal information:
  • Using our website, and pertinent applications as well as materials (content) that have linkage or reference to this Policy, and SkilledWOrkerPro mobile or computer software applications (Apps) and materials availed by you;
  • In relation with any of the executed sales or events, advertising, marketing, or recruiting activities of us, or during the course of procedures undertaken by us, and
  • When accepting services from you.
  • This Privacy Declaration won't apply to any third party practices that SkilledWOrkerPro does not control our own by any means.
  • Personal information collection:
  • Personal information is collected by SkilledWOrkerPro by the following means:
  • Visitors: Users who use or visit our site usually provide us information to avail our services;
  • Job seekers: People who apply or make job-related queries to us in order to fill up the positions or get involved in our staffing and recruiting efforts, talent advisory efforts, workforce management services, etc.
  • Suppliers, service providers, customers, or vendors: Our customers' vendors, service providers, and numerous business-related suppliers or people who perform on behalf of our customers.

In the event that you submit other people’s personal information to us or to any of our authentic performers, you will confirm the authentication of such information letting us use it for our purposes according to this Policy

SkilledWOrkerPro collects personal information when individuals apply for jobs, visit our sites, talks using the chat box, posts comments on forums of our blogs, contacts us for solutions of their problems and queries, or send information using telephone, email, or other electronic means.


SkilledWOrkerPro collects personal information when individuals apply for jobs, visit our sites, talks using the chat box, posts comments on forums of our blogs, contacts us for solutions to their problems and queries, or send information using the telephone, email, or other electronic means.

    Types of personal information include:
  • Contact information (email address, postal codes or address, telephone numbers, or person’s name
  • Password and username during the registration process on our site
  • Information belonging to person’s profession, job title, job department, or job role
  • Reference’s or referral’s information in case of any urgent contact is necessary
  • C.V. or resume information rooted in educational qualification, history, previous and current employment, security check information, linguistic proficiencies, clubs or organizational memberships, career interests and dreams, personal interests and current interactions, future desires, amount of expected salary, expected job role and benefits, personal innovation and ideations, relevant awards or honors, and other employment-related skills;
  • Information about citizenship, status of present works, and work authorization- and so on.

Our requests for one’s personal information will convey the message whether providing a distinct type of personal information is voluntary or compulsory.


This sort of data incorporates gadget's IP address, length of going to unmistakable pages, gadget's special ID, particular application utilization information, and points of interest of the downloaded records and reports.

Outsiders or sources gave data: from outsider accomplices, we may land data about position searchers, guests, providers, and clients from freely accessible sites or reference of the outside of work searcher.

Other data got in view of your authorization can be additionally benefited by us, for example, access to web-based social networking destinations, groups website, or LinkedIn profile. In light of your offered data to access such information, we may gather your own data to find out about you easily and helpfully.


In connection to various administrations we convey or when you apply for an opening for work with us, you might be asked for to give sorts of individual data that can be dealt with by some different nations as exceptionally touchy individual data, for instance, National Identity Card Number issued by your legislature, your race or ethnic inception related data, religious particular or political feelings, mental or physical wellbeing conditions, significant lawful activity, union participation, sexual introduction, your kind of nationality and biometric data planned to distinguish an individual extraordinarily. Such data likewise may incorporate a person's feelings or criminal offenses, and other data that are apparently touchy in the eye of information assurance laws relevant by apropos bodies.

Regardless of our aspiration of limiting the measure of handling Sensitive Personal Information, we are to utilize this specifically conditions, for example, at whatever point we have to or permitted to do as such under germane administrative structures, or at whatever point we are required to perform examinations on criminal foundations, liquor/sedate tests or wellness check keeping in mind the end goal to give you an administration. At whatever point proper, under relevant laws for information assurance, we will request that you give your agreement to give us a chance to make utilization of your touchy individual data.


On most occasions, we collect and use individuals' personal information with a view to efficiently providing and improving our services and to comply with government regulations and laws whenever appropriate (for example to suit insurance and tax requirements).
For the following purposes, we, most specifically make use of your disclosed personal information:

  • Administering and providing our internal operations
  • In order to safeguard both you and us by fraud monitoring and prevention
  • In order to safeguard both you and us by fraud monitoring and prevention
  • To have compliance with government laws and appropriate laws
  • When you are a job expectant:
  • Establishing searching and staffing process in order to help find job seekers for a decent assignment or job match with us by facilitating the recruitment procedures
  • Storing required information based on your preferences in recruiting procedures
  • To send you email and other tools used for communicating with you regarding the job posting which fits your profile, notify about surveys, training opportunities, and various events
  • Interacting with your using third-party social networking sites such as LinkedIn
  • In order to determine our site capacity and bandwidth while gauging numbers of users and site’s overall usage
  • To recognize indifferent persons who repeat visiting our sites so as to make things clear and concise
  • Goods, service, and result-based information provided in response to your requests
  • Sending you promotional content, email, newsletters about SkilledWOrkerPro according to your preferences; you can opt-out such marketing whenever you like
  • For data analysis, fraud prevention and monitoring, audits, and other business purposes; new products development, enhancement, improvement, or modification of our site, services, products, and operational and expansion-based business activities we may use such information
  • send you notification of changes made to our site.
  • Personal information gathered online using SkilledWOrkerPro and information sent to us through other means of communication and offline sources, and other methods of data appending are also included as usable information

We additionally can utilize individual data of people benefited by previously mentioned intends to make mysterious and totaled details without uncovering a particular acknowledgment of any individual.
On most events, SkilledWOrkerPro forms individual data endeavoring to cover various business purposes under our legitimate advantages (For example, to proceed with business and convey benefits because of your solicitations), in order to go into or execute an agreement with you or/and to have consistency with our required commitments. By the by, on a few events, and each different circumstances at whatever point required by suitable laws, SkilledWOrkerPro might request that your assent procedure and make utilization of your own data (and also any Sensitive Personal Information).